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In north america there are only three native species of bamboo in total there are 1400 listed species of bamboo the native north american bamboo resides in the eastern and southeastern part of the unites states such as new jersey florida and west texas the bamboo prefers environments that are low lying and high the bamboos b m b u are evergreen perennial flowering plants in the subfamily bambusoideae of the grass family poaceaethe word bamboo comes from the dutch or portuguese languages which probably borrowed it from malay in bamboo as in other grasses the internodal regions of the stem are usually hollow and the vascular bundles in the cross section are scattered throughout the american bamboos bamboo species of el salvador stphane schrder september 21 2009 american bamboos el salvador is the smallest country in central america and it has the highest deforestation and overpopulation some of the 11 bamboo species reported in the country might not exist anymore tagged el salvadorbooks about bamboobamboo related literature book list gathered by marco piazza updated by ted jordan meredith here is a list of suggested literature for the beginner the following books represent a valuable source of information for starting to understand the multiple applications and the beauty of bambooarundinaria appalachiana commonly known as hill cane is a woody bamboo native to the appalachian mountains in the southeastern united statesthe plant was elevated to the species level in 2006 based on new morphological and genetic information and was previously treated as a variety of arundinaria tectaas a relatively small member of its genus it usually only attains heights of 05 to 10

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