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Despite an increasing concern about a future shortage of medical educators little published research exists on career choices in medical education nor the impact of specific training posts in medical education eg academic registrarresident positions medical educators at all levels from both medical and non medical backgrounds are crucial for the training of medical students junior pursuing a career in medical education physicians and trainees can launch a med ed career without pursuing additional degrees this must read list of articles will help you improve your skills as a medical educatorbackground there is increasing concern about a medical education workforce shortage currently the education and training of medical students and junior doctors is delivered by a combination of university employed academics either medically or non medically trained clinicians with academic titles and both health service and university contracts and health practitioners mainly doctors overview the becoming a clinical educator course is an introduction into the world of current postgraduate clinical education it gives participants a working knowledge of how to design conduct and evaluate teaching and training for postgraduate clinicians and how to assess curricula and teaching programmes in medical and surgical environmentsbecoming a clinical educator 2020i s a course is intended as basic introduction into the world of modern postgraduate medical educationthe aim is to equip candidates to understand the principles and reasoning behind modern and proposed training and assessment methods and to equip them to embark on a development pathway which will result in a career involving an important aspect as an

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